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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Documents show NYPD infiltrated liberal groups

What's with the NYPD? NYPD thinks it's the CIA, the FBI, NSA etc. and it's spying on everybody. Bloomberg's Nazified Police State is infiltrating groups all over the country. NYC is a big liberal city but Bloomie and Gang are primarily spying on liberals and their organizations.
Undercover NYPD officers attended meetings of liberal political organizations and kept intelligence files on activists who planned protests around the country, according to interviews and documents that show how police have used counterterrorism tactics to monitor even lawful activities. The infiltration echoes the tactics the NYPD used in the run-up to New York's 2004 Republican National Convention, when police monitored church groups, anti-war organizations and environmental advocates nationwide. That effort was revealed by The New York Times in 2007 and in an ongoing federal civil rights lawsuit over how the NYPD treated convention protesters. Police said the pre-convention spying was necessary to prepare for the huge, raucous crowds that were headed to the city. But documents obtained by The Associated Press show that the police department's intelligence unit continued to keep close watch on political groups in 2008, long after the convention had passed. In April 2008, an undercover NYPD officer traveled to New Orleans to attend the People's Summit...
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