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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Doug Wead: An Update on the Georgia Caucus Scandal

As the primaries and caucuses settle into media entertainment and speculation, the real work for RNC delegates is well underway. Doug Wead documents what happened in Georgia. Anti-liberty Republicans either outright break the rule or make up the rules as they go.
The events detailed above are disturbing, not only because of the number of violations, but also due to the fact that convention participants knew they were being recorded (there was a camera set-up on a tripod) and continued to break rules with seemingly no fear. This bold behavior is indicative of individuals acting with the belief that they will be shielded from recourse by a higher authority within Georgia Republican party. This, in fact, may be the case; when we called the State Republican Party to ask how to properly file a formal complaint, we spoke to Mr. Rick Richardson, the individual who instructed Matt Brewster to violate a rule.
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