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Friday, March 16, 2012

Environmentalists Petition The EPA To Get Into The Gun Control Business Again

Government agencies that were created by acts of congress were given vast unaccountable powers. Yet, there is no will in congress to reign in the draconian powers of "Agencies Gone Wild". The EPA is now attempting, again, to attack 2nd amendment rights.
It seems to me that the potential for the EPA to become a sort of national government unto itself indexes directly to how many issues they can into environmental issues. Defining the air we exhale as a “dangerous pollutant” is one step toward regulating everything we do, so why not grant themselves the authority to regulate ammunition under the guise of regulating toxic substances? The last time this stunt was pulled the EPA ended up caving to the NRA and the gun industry, conceding that it doesn’t have the authority to regulate ammo under the Toxic Substances Control Act, but since when have environmentalists ever given up that easily? Citing risks to birds and to human health, roughly 100 environmental groups formally asked the federal Environmental Protection Agency this week to ban or at least impose limits on lead in the manufacturing of bullets and shotgun pellets for hunting or recreation. The ban sought by environmental groups would not apply to ammunition used by law enforcement and the military.
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