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Monday, March 19, 2012

Exercising my rights in Georgia (photos)

Pictured above are the firearms my roommates and I took down to Georgia with us this Friday for our weekend trip to visit a libertarian friend and enjoy Saint Patrick's Day out in nature on his country ranch. Our hosts had a lot more guns waiting for us and I had a blast getting to shoot them all!

As strongly as I support the Second Amendment here at this website, it's been too long since I've gotten close and personal with guns so the opportunity to shoot several, help clean them, and learn a little more about them and how to use them safely (and effectively) was a real treat and a chance to get a little bit closer to being that ideal, responsible, vigilant citizen that every libertarian aspires to be.

Hopefully I'll have one of the guys I met down here on the radio show sometime soon to share his quite extensive knowledge of guns with all of you. I'm also thinking of ways to get more awesome content here on the website related to guns and gun issues. I've had such a blast, I'm actually still down here in Georgia working from my laptop at my friend's office and off of his home wireless. Instead of driving back up yesterday with my roommates, I just wanted to spend a few more days among good friends and libertarians. Anyway, here are just two guns I had the most fun shooting:

The AK-47:

And here's some video of the AK:

20-gauge semi automatic shotgun:

Skeet shooting with this was a lot of fun:

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