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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Facelift: An $18 Million Government Website

This would be hilarious were it not so utterly pathetic. When it comes to government spending, there are absolute no restraints.
With the government running a $1.2 trillion deficit this fiscal year, $18 million is chump change. Taxpayers are the chumps. There are more stories like this than any news service can track...There is a federal website called www.recovery.gov. It tracks the money that Obama’s stimulus spent: over $750 billion. The Administration redesigned this site. It will cost money to run it. How much money? $18 million. Now, that’s a stimulus!..I went to www.Alexa.com. It ranks sites in terms of traffic. I typed in www.Recovery.gov. I learned that the site is ranked in the top 151,400 worldwide. It is ranked 65,500 in the USA. For comparison, Google is ranked #1. This site, www.TeaPartyEconomist.com, is ranked 83,200 worldwide and 15,500 in the USA. It has been online for about five months. It uses WordPress.org’s software, which is free. It uses a few plug-ins, which are free. This site and a dozen more like it are managed by one employee. He was an unpaid intern two months ago.
Read the rest here
The Tea Party Economist 

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