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Monday, March 19, 2012

FBI Can’t Crack Android; Taps Google To Sidestep 5th Amendment

Does the FBI need hackers? It can't crack Android but wants Google to turn over the info so it can prosecute a pimp having conversations with his employees and clients. Prosecuting a pimp is an insane waste of law enforcement resources, not to mention the potential trashing of privacy and civil liberties over something as bland as consensual sex.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation raised some eyebrows this week when it tacitly admitted it couldn’t get past the pattern lock on an Android handset, by serving Google with a warrant to access data stored on a secured Samsung Exhibit II phone....“What we have here is the government not asking the owner of the phone to open the phone for them, but asking Google to open the phone for them,” he told The FBI wants data contained on the phone for the prosecution of Dante Dears, a previously convicted pimp operating out of San Diego. It is alleged that Dears used the Samsung phone to coordinate sex work..."

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