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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Federal Government Paralyzes Farmers

Those who fought the S. 510 Food Safety bill understood that the bill was nothing more than the planned destruction of small farmers and food producers. Well, it's happening. Big Food and Big Ag tighten their food monopolies. Federal agencies have so much unaccountable power that these Fedzilla armies routinely destroy an individual's right to grow and or produce food, as well as many other thing.
The federal government through the US Department of Agriculture has been deeply involved with farming for a long time and recently became more deeply involved by giving the FDA control of even small farmers in the recent Food Safety Act The USDA and FDA are mostly involved on the land side of farming. But then there is the water side. The Clean Water Act says that private property owners cannot disturb ” waters of the United States” such as wetlands, streams, and large standing bodies of water without federal permission. But the definition of wetlands and streams keeps changing. Meanwhile the poor farmer wishing to dig a pond is in a quagmire. Agriculture under the Clean Water Act is exempt but how to be sure you are exempt. One federal agency will not necessarily say the same thing as another. Even within an agency there may be disagreement. No one wants to take a stand because no one knows where the issue is likely to come out. And if the farmer makes a mistake, he can be hit with enormous fines ( such as $30,000 a day for each day that passes from the alleged infraction).
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