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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Florida Man Caught in Legal Limbo for Filming Police

A charge of felony wiretapping for filming the police with a cellphone is yet more proof that America has morphed into a Nazified Police State.
Over a month ago, Steve Horrigan, a Florida resident, was arrested on charges of felony wiretapping for the high crime of recording video of police in public with his cell phone. The Sarasota County, Florida State Attorney’s Office has yet to even formally file charges against Horrigan, and the North Port Police Department has not yet returned his cell phone. Unfortunately, Horrigan’s case is not some isolated anomaly, but instead part of a much larger war on citizens who attempt to hold police accountable for their activities and do so in a wholly legal manner....Thankfully, Horrigan’s case is getting some attention, at least amongst the local media like the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Recently they ran an in-depth piece not only about Horrigan’s case but the nationwide struggle between citizens who want to hold police accountable and those individuals who refuse to allow citizens to exercise this right.
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