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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gruesome Hate Murder and No One Cares

Most killings in America go completely unnoticed by the media unless it fits into the media's propaganda du jure. Where was the outrage when an Iraqi mother of five was beaten to death in CA for no reason except for being Iraqi and Muslim?  Of course, murder inspired by the government isn't a hate crime, it's foreign policy and in America, US foreign policy is sacred.
Shaima Al Awada, an Iraqi mother of five and a devout Muslim, was brutally beaten to death with a tire iron in her own California home, her body left beside a note telling her to "Go back to your country, you terrorist."...Indeed, even though the Iraqi people did nothing against the United States, only to see their country destroyed, hundreds of thousands of their people slaughtered, millions displaced in two decades of murderous U.S. wars and sanctions, somehow these people are still seen as the dangerous ones. But of course, if it's morally justifiable to treat people as subhuman by the millions—a principle necessarily implicit in the U.S. warfare state—what's one more dead mother count? This is one kind of private violent crime that the state could easily discourage simply by refraining from its killing sprees abroad; the copycat incidents would surely decline. From the lynchings of German-Americans to the massacre of Al Awada, the worst hate-motivated crimes are inflamed by Washington's global crusades, and few take notice. Krauts, gooks, ragheads—if they wanted to be treated like human beings, they should have had the good sense to be born Americans.
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