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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hawaii Senate Passes Travelers' "Bill of Rights" to curb TSA

Every now and then competing governments bring about a positive change in direction. But more than anything, this shift can be attributed to individuals and local communities who've certainly voiced their concern and their legislatures saw the writing on the wall. Freedom is slowly but surely making some headway.

Based on Congressman Ron Paul's federal proposal, Senate Concurrent Resolution 15, authored by Minority Leader Sam Slom, R-Hawaii, urges the congress to rein in the TSA abuses and make the agency more accountable for privacy rights and personal civil rights. Slom is a member of a national legislative task force - the United States for Travel Freedom Caucus - formed in March 2011 to ensure TSA accountability.
The Hawaii resolution attracted the attention of Alaska State Rep. Sharon Cissna, who co-chairs the United States for Travel Freedom Caucus.

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Hawaii Reporter

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