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Friday, March 9, 2012

How did Ron Paul lose Alaska?

Was Ron Paul ripped off in Alaska by GOP officials? It's sounds to me that Alaska was just another case of GOP engineered vote fraud.

Ron Paul for Alaska campaign chief Evan Cutler said the candidate's supporters and organizers who were out at the polls Tuesday night harbored other suspicions. "People were turned away at the polls that were registered to vote due to confusion among the poll volunteers. Voter registration databases were outdated," Cutler said his organizers reported, going on to add that, "younger voters, voters of a certain demographic were turned away" and that the campaign had conducted exit polling across the state and that numbers reported by the state party leaders "didn't jibe." The allegations didn't stop there. Cutler also accused party bosses of levying "poll taxes" of at least $50 for participation in post-vote district conventions.

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Alaska Dispatch

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