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Sunday, March 25, 2012


I love this article because I can relate to it!
I’ve always thought that Ron Paul just might be the smartest American since Thomas Jefferson. This guy really knows his stuff. Obviously he has not only studied history but has learned the valuable lessons so he won’t repeat the same mistakes that every generation and society makes. But with all that wisdom, who all is listening to him? Very few. I find that odd because when discussing the 2012 elections with people, they all say they like Ron Paul but yet few say they are supporting him. Many media and political people say they like him too, yet they turn around and ridicule him and his ideas. He’s seen as a nice sweet old gentleman to be patronized, but ignored because he might be getting senile. To some degree I understand. When I was a teenager I thought history and principles were boring. Whenever one of my teachers even uttered one of these words, I felt I was being punished. But as I matured I found that history and principles are not only exciting but essential. I asked my parents why they didn’t teach me this stuff when I was growing up. They said they had tried but I wouldn’t listen. There’s an old saying that goes something like, “The teacher will come when the student is ready.” One would think that with our nation in such deep trouble, we the people would be ready for a great teacher like Ron Paul. I think this is why he’s running for president and why he hasn’t dropped out of the race. While he really does want to win, he knows his message is even more important. I know how he feels. Although I’m not the smartest guy, I too have learned a lot....
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