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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If Your Name Gets in One of These DHS Data Bases, How Can You Get It Removed?

How can citizens fight back when the government adds them to its watchlists? It's possible and some organizations are leading the legal battle. DHS already has a database of 69 million names.
The Department of Homeland Security is creating a computerized data base called a watchlist. It does not tell people when or why their names were added. How can you know how to get off the list? This data base will be shared with the FBI, which has its own list. The DHS wants partial exemption from the Privacy Act. Officially, the Privacy Act was supposed to prevent just this sort of thing. It turns out that the DHS already has four data bases....Got that? It has 69 million names. There seem to be a lot of potential criminals out there. How can the government monitor 69 million people? Answer: with more investigating. A coalition of privacy groups is protesting. One of them is EPIC, the Electronic Privacy Information Center. The 1974 Privacy Act requires that cirizens be informed when their names go onto the lists...The trend is clear: mission creep. Everyone will be a suspect. Everyone will be on some list.
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