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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Intelligence Analysis: How Dangerous Is Citizen Dataveillance

I'm no fan of the Washington Post but WP journalists Dana Priest and William Arkin did an outstanding investigative piece on disclosing of the depth and expanse of the federal government's intelligence apparatus. It was a 2 year research project.
I have been fascinated recently with the Washington Post intelligence analysis by William Arkin and Dana Priest. Both are well known journalists who have covered the military and intelligence communities for many years. Realizing that something had changed after 9/11, they dedicated two years to investigating what the intelligence community had evolved into. They first dug up the location of as many Top Secret facilities, both government and private, as possible....Almost everyone is amazed when they see the creatures the government had created not only in size and scope, but in the amount of waste, redundancy, cost and ineffectiveness. There are 45 different government agencies with 1,271 subdivisions, all involved with intelligence. More than 2,000 private companies with government contracts provide some service to Top Secret agencies. In total, there are over 850,000 people nationwide who have Top Secret clearance working on intelligence gathering, analysis, support, implementation, etc. The massive size and scope of the intelligence community is larger than it ever was during the cold war and is directed as much at targets within the US as at targets abroad for the first time. They really have spared no expense. The US intelligence community has effectively become the “fourth branch of government.”
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