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Friday, March 30, 2012

"The Intersection of Art and Liberty" / Interview with Pasha Roberts -Today on the Wes Messamore Radio Show (Streaming Live Mar 30)

In this seventh full episode of the back-from-the-dead Wes Messamore show, Wes Messamore and Drew Martin interview Pasha Roberts, a libertarian with a degree from MIT in financial engineering and a passion for animation. In addition to discussing the intersection of art and liberty, Wes and Drew will be interviewing Pasha about his upcoming 3D animated thriller romance movie: Silver Circle.

Show runs from 5 - 7pm Central today (Friday, March 30), streaming live to your computer! Visit this page to tune in or to catch the archived podcast afterward if you miss the live show. We will be taking your calls! Call in number is: (646) 716-4214.

If you missed Wednesday's incredible and inspiring interview with Judy Morris, you can listen to the archived podcast of it here!

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