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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is the Republican Party Imploding? That's What Many GOP Voters Are Asking After a Choatic Missouri Caucus

The Republican Party's war on Ron Paul supporters and other dissident factions within the GOP is intensifying. By the time this primary season is over, the GOP will have earned the contempt of a lot of voters. We'll remember in November!
During a GOP caucus event held Saturday night in St. Peters, Mo., absolute pandemonium broke out when more than 900 filled a gym at Francis Howell North High School to elect county GOP delegates. The caucus got off on a rocky start when Eugene Dokes, chairman of the St. Charles County Republican Central Committee, informed voters that there would be no cameras allowed. Much booing and shouting occurred almost immediately after the announcement. The caucus regained order only momentarily before descending into chaos after the GOP leaders began to nominate delegates without a vote. Voters continued to vocally express their disapproval until the police finally shutdown the event. According to a local CBS affiliate KMOX, two voters were arrested. This is not the first time the GOP leaders and their voters have been at odds with each other. In an eerily similar situation that arose about a week ago, a video was posted to YouTube and appears to show Republican voters in Georgia being completely locked out of the delegate election process. According to the Athens Banner-Herald, this took place during the Athens-Clarke county GOP annual county convention. County GOP officials appear to disregard their party's rules during a delegate selection process.
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