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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Ron Paul's success is noted by the National Review, a very anti-Ron Paul neocon statist publication.
Asks National Review’sBrian Bolduc: The self-dubbed champion of liberty has increased his vote totals from his run in 2008, and his backers — even Paul himself — are taking the long view. In the states that have voted so far, Paul has received 973,925 votes, versus 451,797 in 2008, a 115 percent increase… Still, the trend is unmistakable. Paul has increased his electoral standing in 28 of the 31 states that have voted so far. And he’s made sizeable gains in some states. In Florida, for instance, he won 116,776 votes this year, an 85 percent increase from the 62,887 votes he got in 2008… Says Paul backer Aaron Libby, a Maine state representative. The Paul campaign “is a liberty organization,” he says. “It’s all about the message; Congressman Paul is the messenger. This is not going to end with Congressman Paul; this is only going to grow.”
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