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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Killings of Gay and “Emo” Youths in Iraq

What has the US unleashed in Iraq? Theocratic clerics gone WILD.
Since the start of this year, death squads have been targeting two separate groups — gay men, and those who dress in a distinctive, Western-influenced style called “emo,” which some Iraqis mistakenly associate with homosexuality. At least 14 young men have been bludgeoned to death in the last three weeks in east Baghdad, an area dominated by Shi’ite Muslims, according to local security and medical sources who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity.... In recent days, members of Shi’ite militias, mainly in the Sadr City district, have circulated lists of names of people targeted for killings. The threats refer to “obscene males and females,” understood to refer to both gays and “emos,” an American teenage subculture of distinctive hairstyles and black clothes that has spread to Iraq…. Iraq’s Shi’ite-dominated government may not be helping. The Interior Ministry last month released a statement that labeled the emo culture “Satanism.” It said a special police force would stamp it out.
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