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Friday, March 16, 2012

Lost Principles And Social Destruction

It's not hard figuring out how we got into this economic mess - central banking spawns wars, statism, collectivism, crony capitalism and the wholesale destruction of liberty. It was fairly easy for statist propagandists to sell entitlements to the Sheeple People who believed they were getting something for nothing or something at somebody else's expense. From a painless collective perk to the pain of truly experiencing the tragedy of the commons, extricating ourselves from this mess will be anything but painless.
As I look out past the near horizon of this time, and this nation, I see considerable potential for a revitalization of that which is best in humanity. I see a population that strives for independence. I see a return to the entrepreneurial spirit of discovery. I see unhindered freedom of thought and action feeding a fire of creativity that inspires us to unimaginable heights. I see new expression given license not just by the masses, but by structures of a government which truly follows the will of the common man, and not the will of an elite few. I see America breathing full, eyes wide open and alive. However, this potential future would have to come at a considerable cost. America has so strayed from its founding roots that it now hungers; starving for lack of nutrients from its natural soil. As with all other catastrophic societies of the past, we have been manipulated and conned into overlooking and over-rationalizing astonishing injustice and in some cases, unmitigated evil. I frankly don’t know what else to call it. There are some acts of malevolence that go beyond human weakness and inadequacy and reach into realms of calculation that are so cold, so soulless, there is simply no other way to describe them....People eating other people is just one of those aspects of extreme decline that the collapse of civilizations seem to illicit. It goes against all natural law and even our animal instinct, but in a land where principles are rejected wholesale, it can become commonplace. Most animals avoid turning to cannibalism because their very genetics demand that they continue the species. This is very difficult to do when one’s own species is self consuming.
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