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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Media Misleads as Ron Paul Gets His First Win in Virgin Islands

Up until now, the media has hardly taken notice of the delegate counts as compared to its coverage of who wins each caucus’ presidential preference contest, and as a universally-applied and accepted convention, when a major news source reports “(Candidate) wins (state or territory),” they have always meant the candidate won the presidential preference poll at that state’s nominating contest, not the most delegates.

Because of this, the AP‘s Virgin Islands headline seems awfully deceptive and abusive of its audience’s trust. Everyone expects and understands headlines like this to mean what they have always meant this entire primary season; otherwise the media is not comparing “like” with “like.” Instead it’s cherry-picking results to suit an agenda. As the Paul blogger claims at the link above, the media abruptly changed its rules in its coverage of the Virgin Islands caucuses, and just so happened to abruptly change them when Ron Paul won the contest that the media has been using to call each state’s victor this entire time up until now– the presidential preference contest. It’s just a little more than curiously suspicious.

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