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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Migrants left to die after catalogue of failures, says report into boat tragedy

The US pummels Libya with endless bombs for no justifiable reason except to maim, kill and destroy. Cities are destroyed and terrified Libyans attempt to escape by boat. But they are doomed and left to die because, well, western powers allowed it to happen. I remember the Vietnam era when we finally learned that millions of southeast Asian were killed; Americans were not enraged and most merely casually stated 'so what they are only gooks'. In the 'land of the free and the home of the brave', we murder for defense contractor profits.  Then we heap praise upon ourselves for being patriotic Americans.
A catalogue of failures by Nato warships and European coastguards led to the deaths of dozens of migrants left adrift at sea, according to a damning official report into the fate of a refugee boat in the Mediterranean whose distress calls went unanswered for days. A nine-month investigation by the Council of Europe – the continent's 47-nation human rights watchdog, which oversees the European court of human rights – has unearthed human and institutional failings that condemned the boat's occupants to their fate. Errors by military and commercial vessels sailing nearby, plus ambiguity in the coastguards' distress calls and confusion about which authorities were responsible for mounting a rescue, were compounded by a long-term lack of planning by the UN, Nato and European nations over the inevitable increase in refugees fleeing north Africa during the international intervention in Libya. The Guardian first exposed the tale of the "left-to-die" migrant vessel in May last year, after gathering testimony from the voyage's few survivors.
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