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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Missouri Caucus: 2 Ron Paul Supporters Arrested

Caucus goers in St. Charles County, Missouri, (one of the state's largest caucuses) will have no delegates representing them in this year's caucus after a large argument erupted that resulted in the meeting never being called to order. The caucus committee refused to call the meeting to order due to an individual's use of a video camera, which they promptly insisted be turned off. This led to an uproar among a crowd of at least 900 attendees, and ended with an arrest of two Ron Paul supporters.

According to the New York Times, the caucus at the Francis Howell North High School was delayed after a member in the crowd was using a video camera against caucus rules. ABC News reported things got out of hand as several people holding video cameras -- all Paul supporters -- started arguing with a GOP official.

Something that probably didn't help quell the chaos was that turnout was particularly high. The New York Times reported at least 900 people crammed into the gymnasium, while the St. Charles Patch reported more than 2,500 were at the school.

"It turned into a little food fight within the caucus, between the caucus chairman trying to control the caucus and certain elements, I guess with Ron Paul, trying to be heard," Tom Kipers, a former chairman of the St. Charles GOP, told ABC News.

Read the rest here.

Below is a video of the beginning of the argument.

This is a video of the temporary chairman blatantly ignoring the crowd's desire for Brent Stafford to be the new chairman.

Below is video of caucus goers peacefully organizing their own caucus outside of the building in order to record an official count, when officers arrest Brent Stafford.

This is how the revolution begins.

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