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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mitt Romney Proposes $8 Trillion Welfare Program for Defense Contractors; Prepare for Two Wars if Romney Wins

A president Romney will be no different than Obama or Bush when it comes to foreign policy and the continuation of the wars.
I sit back in amazement and watch Republicans self-destruct with ridiculous proposal after ridiculous proposal. Let's ponder two plans, neither of which is going anywhere, and one of them may very well cost Mitt Romney the election should he win the nomination...Mr. Ryan (R., Wis.), who heads the House Budget Committee, said his plan would put the U.S. on a sound economic path by spending $5.3 trillion less than Mr. Obama recommends over 10 years..Ryan cannot even stand for a measly $55 billion cut in defense spending instead wanting to cut entitlements. Yes, entitlements should be cut, but so should defense spending...Ron Paul alone wants to balance the budget...Mitt Romney Proposes $8 Trillion Welfare Program for Defense Contractors...As noted above, Ryan's proposal is seriously misguided at best. Unfortunately, Romney's plan is far worse.
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