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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mitt Romney's delegate math begins to add up

Right now the GOP nomination process is focused on the delegate math. The primaries and caucuses are nearly all straw polls so the slug fest now begins for delegate strength. Romney clearly has the lead. This is a very vulnerable time for Paulites because GOP operatives are determined to shut out Paulites and prevent them from becoming delegates to state conventions that nominate the delegates to the national convention. The delegate dance is all about marching into Tampa with an army of delegates big enough to declare victory and outright win the nomination without the discomfort of a brokered convention.

Few had expected the Republican primary race, at this stage, to come down to the math. Yet that’s exactly where the GOP presidential contest remains right now, mired in a daily back-and-forth about whether Mitt Romney’s clear delegate lead can be overcome by the two rivals vying to be the conservative alternative, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum....“By the end of June we expected to have … hundreds of delegates bound to Ron, but then hundreds of delegates free to vote for Ron after the first ballot” at the convention,” said Paul’s national chairman, Jesse Benton. “I think [Romney] is correct that nobody else is going to mathematically [overtake him]… Mitt has a chance to win 1,144 but that math is pretty tough for him too.”

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