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Saturday, March 31, 2012

NDGOP’s National Delegate Selection Sparks Controversy At Convention

Ron Paul really got stiffed at the North Dakota GOP Convention that selected the delegates to the national convention. The results of the ND Caucus (straw poll) were as follows: Santorum 39.7%, Ron Paul 28.1%, Romney 23.7% and Gingrich 8.5%. So how did the delegates end up being divided at the ND State Convention? Romney got 60% of the delegates.  Ron Paul only got a few.
...on caucus night, Rick Santorum cleaned the state up by a significant margin with Ron Paul taking second and Mitt Romney taking third. But it didn’t seem that anyone remembered that when picking the state’s delegates, because I’m told that despite finishing third in statewide voting, Mitt Romney was allotted 60% of the delegates. Rick Santorum got the second most delegates, and Ron Paul was given just a couple. Not surprisingly, Santorum and Paul supporters aren’t happy..
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