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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nokia Thinks We Need The Ability To Get Phone Alerts Via Vibrating Tattoos

A vibrating tattoo that answers your phone and more?
Just in case you should happen to miss either incessant beeping, a loud ringtone or an insistent vibration in your pocket/purse, why not just get a tattoo that would receive alerts directly from your phone and vibrate to let you know someone has something very important to say? Nokia wants to make that a reality. In an application filed with the U.S. patent office (via, Nokia maps out their plan for linking your permanent ink with your personal technology. The idea includes a magnetic vibrating tattoo, basically a device that has "material attachable to skin." It'll pick up the signal from a magnetic field and then buzz the device on the person's skin. Linking the device to a cell phone will allow anyone with it tattooed, taped or otherwise attached to their skin to receive any kind of alert your phone can give. Facebook notification? Vvvbbbbrttt! Email? Vvbbrrtt! Text? Bbvvvrrrvvtt! And so on.
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