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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NRCC Hosting Top Recruits for 'Candidate School'

Our entire campaign finance system is controlled by the RNC and DNC machines that are wholly owned subsidiaries of corporatists, special interests, the military industrial complex and banksters. The RNC and DNC machines fund and raise candidates who will tow the party line. They even operate in-house schools of indoctrination. If a candidate is an independent 'Ron Paul' styled thinker, they don't make the cut so they don't get any campaign finance help. The RNC and DNC control huge PAC's and are nothing but money laundering operations. There is so much dirty money sloshing around in the RNC and DNC campaign washing machines that it's nearly impossible for a 'we the people' candidate to rise within the system because decent candidates can't compete with the big RNC and DNC money machines.
The National Republican Congressional Committee and House GOP leaders invited 15 of their marquee recruits to Washington this week for a "candidate school" -- several days of workshops and speeches by top House Republicans -- according to a campaign aide whose candidate attended. The 15 House candidates asked by leadership to attend the session are among the strongest GOP challengers in the country this year...Many of the sessions briefed candidates on nuts-and-bolts campaign subjects like fundraising, media training, and harnessing new media....Events over the two-day session included meeting with the whole Republican conference on Tuesday and speeches and presentations by GOP leaders including NRCC Chair Pete Sessions, McCarthy and Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan. The candidates will meet Speaker John Boehner Wednesday evening...The candidates, 10 of whom are in the highest current designation of the NRCC's "Young Guns" challengers program, are a mix of the party's best fundraisers and those running in districts that are the among the best pickup opportunities.
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