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Friday, March 16, 2012

Nutritional McCarthyism: Red Meat To Blame for Death, Global Warming, Tsunamis, Mine Collapses, and Terrorist Attacks

Let's see, is there anything that isn't attributable to global warming? Of course, globaloney is just another scheme and scam to concentration wealth and power at the expense of liberty and prosperity.
Red meat is probably the cause behind the Congo train derailment and the Yangtze River dolphin extinction, too. The media, this week, ran the following headlines: CNN. “Study: Too Much Red Meat May Shorten Lifespan.” LA Times. “Red Meat: What Makes It Unhealthy.” “Harvard Study Concludes Red Meat Reduces Average Life.” NY Daily News. “Red meat boosts risk of dying young: study; Just one portion of processed meat boosts death risk by 20%.” New York Times. “Risks: More Red Meat, More Mortality.” And the most comical headline of them all was from Slate: “Study: All Red Meat Linked to Premature Death.” This was undoubtedly the most popular headline of the week for the sound bite lovin’, I-read-the-headline-and-that’s-all-that-matters crowd. To say that the mainstream media and the blogosphere discovered a new level of idiocy is putting it much too lightly.
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Karen De Coster

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