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Friday, March 30, 2012

Obama: Global oil supply OK to move on sanctions on Iran; pressure on US allies to respond

Sanctions are evil and only hurt the people living in the sanctioned nation by depriving them of necessary goods, medicines and the essentials of life. Sanctions kill. But the worst of Obama's policy is his commitment to sanction other nations who refuse to sanction Iran. The US doesn't care if global oil prices soar; heck, Obama's transportation czar said he wanted folks out of their cars and forced into public transportation. In any event, sanctioning our allies as well as the enemy du jure constitutes aggression on steroids and the ultimate in bullying.
President Barack Obama said Friday he was plowing ahead with potential sanctions against countries that keep buying oil from Iran, including allies of the United States.. administration officials said that Obama is ready to slap sanctions on U.S. partners and that his action on Friday was another signal.
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