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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Palmer says green groups funded by CIA

There are few places beyond the reach of the CIA and the agency is notorious for funding all kinds of military missions as well as organizations that thwart private property rights.
Mining magnate Clive Palmer has accused the United States government of funding environmental group Greenpeace via the CIA to undermine Australia's coal mining sector. Mr Palmer made the extraordinary claim over Greenpeace's plan to use the court system to tie up coal mining applications. He is angry at Greenpeace's plan to use lawyers to thwart future coal mining projects and claims funding is coming from US environmental charity the Rockefeller Foundation. He alleges it is funded by the CIA and says it is trying to harm Australia's industry and help American interests. Mr Palmer referred to a paper produced by environmental group Greenpeace which calls for action to stop the expansion of the Queensland coal industry.Greenpeace's plans were leaked to the media earlier this month as it organises a campaign to raise $6 million to fund legal battles against controversial coal mining projects across Australia. "You only have to go back and read the Church Report in the 1970s and to read the reports to the US Congress which sets up the Rockefeller Foundation as a conduit of CIA funding," he said.
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