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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

PARADISE FOUND: Libertarian Utopias in Honduran Jungle

Many libertarians have been intrigued by the "Seasteaders" who've ventured out into international waters hoping for a libertarian society. For those who are not too keen to venture out into open waters, have heart! Some of these pioneers are now looking to create libertarian societies in Honduras.

The seasteader-in-chief is headed ashore. Patri Friedman (that’s Milton Friedman's grandson to you), who stepped down as the chief executive of the Peter Thiel-backed Seasteading Institute in August, has resurfaced as the CEO of a new for-profit enterprise named Future Cities Development Inc., which aims to create new cities from scratch (on land this time) governed by "cutting-edge legal systems." The startup may have found its first taker in Honduras, whose government amended its constitution in January to permit the creation of special autonomous zones exempt from local and federal laws. Future Cities has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding to build a city in one such zone starting next year.

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Drew Martin,
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