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Friday, March 30, 2012

Peter Schiff: The REAL Crash is Coming Around 2013

You would think Americans would have learned to heed Peter Schiff's advice at this point. After his staggering and controversial, (but accurate) predictions regarding the housing bubble, why would anyone ignore what this guy has to say? The opinion molders in D.C. may still balk at his warnings, but I think the increasing police-state and government intervention in the marketplace makes it clear the establishment is well aware of what is coming.

Peter Schiff, the divisive investor and commentator that predicted the subprime/real-estate bubble, is forecasting a U.S. dollar and bond crisis over the next couple of years. Schiff blames intervened bond markets, where rates are artificially and excessively low, and expects the coming crisis to blow the 2008-9 financial crisis out of the water.

There is little doubt that the Federal Reserve, with Chairman Ben Bernanke at the helm, is holding markets by the hand. Bernanke, himself a divisive figure, has done all he can to push interest rates lower, using quantitative easing and Operation Twist once nominal rates had hit the zero-range. While many believe ultra-loose monetary policy is dangerous, Schiff thinks it will lead to a catastrophic correction.

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Drew Martin,
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