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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Police Officer Uses a Taser on a 90-Pound Diabetic Woman

The Police State is out of control and no longer even pretends to respect civil liberties or the rule of law.
A police officer must judge the threat offered by a civilian. This case indicates that citizens are at risk. The use of Tasers is increasing. Because they do not usually threaten the lives of the citizens, the police use them more often. The victim in this case woke up in a hospital. She had been disoriented after taking an over-the-counter cold remedy. She sideswiped a police car. She admits this. She got out of her car, and the policeman used the Taser on her. Twice. Maybe three times...She has sued the police...As the United States moves in the direction of bureaucratic control, citizens should understand that greater force is likely. The way to fight back is in the courts. Any attempt to resort to private force will backfire. Video recordings and lawsuits are the best means of defense.
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