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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pro-Life? 7 Actions Men Can Take Today to Cure Abortion in 12 Weeks

Very interesting!
Isn't everyone tired of abortion haggling? Especially listening to men debate whether birth control or abortion ought to be allowed? If you have an hour, refer to my article, The Intelligent Cure for Abortion. I want to ask men to stop interfering with abortion and birth control access and to rewind 2-3 months before most abortions happen and look in the mirror. Here are your 7 actions. These steps are for you to do yourself, pass on to your sons and talk about with other men. Stop being friends with, spending time with, doing business with or voting for men who do not follow these actions. Within 3 months of men acting upon these 7 principles, there will likely be more than a 90% decrease in abortions.
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