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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Property Tax Revolution in North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan; It's Our Home Not Theirs!

The property tax is one of the most draconian of taxes because it's unrelated to income. Property taxes have soared so high that folks are actually losing their homes because they can't afford the property taxes that have grown exponentially. Low, middle and fixed income folks are by far the biggest victims of the property tax.
The granddaddy of property tax revolts is now underway in North Dakota. The North Dakota group, Empower the Taxpayer writes "On June 12, 2012, the voters of North Dakota will have the opportunity to make North Dakota truly 'Legendary', as the first to pass a state constitutional amendment that will abolish the property tax, prioritize spending by the legislature, and finally give local governments something they never had: true local control over spending." Public unions and proponents of big government are now involved in a major wave of fearmongering because North Dakota counties get about 60 percent of their revenue from property tax. If the amendment passes, school districts will simply have to get funding from another source, or cut budgets. Support Grows For Abolishing Property Taxes...
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