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Monday, March 12, 2012

Prostitution is Libertarian

I never understood why folks got so outraged over the decisions of others to buy or sell sex.

This is an interesting John Stossel clip that I had never come across previously. John Stossel interviews the sex workers of the bunny ranch and asks them if they should have the freedom to have sex, like everyone else does, except they will get paid for it. While I personally view such a life as despicable, of course, all of the girls are doing this because it is their best alternative in the marketplace. Stossel also interviews an authoritarian, busybody ex-prosecutor who says, ”We don’t want to sell access to the intimate self,” and she refers to the voluntary selling of “access” as slavery. She even opines that is is criminal to “subject humans to market forces.” I have never been able to understand why anyone would care about what others are doing in their own private realm, yet there is a world of buttinskies who continue meddle in the lives and moral arrangements of others, and they enthusiastically endorse the use of the prison state to house these people like criminals.
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