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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Romney Won't Detail Cuts Until After the Election

While Ron Paul has meticulously disclosed his plan to cut spending and balance the budget by itemizing every cut he proposes to fight for, Mitt Romney outright refuses to even discuss what he would cut. Mitt's secret plan is just not on the table for disclosure, discussion and debate. It's a state secret!  Romney is channeling Pelosi who famously quipped that nobody would know what was in Obamacare until they voted for it, and they didn't. Congress voted for Obamacare anyway.
Mitt Romney tells the Weekly Standard that he'd eliminate some federal agencies if he's elected president, but he won't say which ones. Said Romney: "One of the things I found in a short campaign against Ted Kennedy was that when I said, for instance, that I wanted to eliminate the Department of Education, that was used to suggest I don't care about education. So I think it's important for me to point out that I anticipate that there will be departments and agencies that will either be eliminated or combined with other agencies... but I'm not going to give you a list right now." Jonathan Chait summarizes: "One of the things I have found in previous elections is that announcing my plans makes people want to vote against me!"
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