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Monday, March 5, 2012

Ron Paul Finishes Second in Washington State Caucus: Flip Romney 37.6, Ron Paul 24.8, Rino Santorum 23.8, Newt Skywalker 10.3

Here's the Huffington Post's interactive map breaking down the Washington state caucuses by county. The Daily Paul has reports trickling in from Ron Paul supporters all over Washington state of voter fraud and disenfranchisement. InfoWars says: "Another strong finish for Paul could mean that both Santroum and Gingrich will re-evaluate their place in the GOP race."

If Paul can actually pull off strong finishes on Super Tuesday, and somehow emerge as the only candidate other than Romney to pick up an entire state, the InfoWars claim above certainly rings true to me, but as I've stated in my Super Tuesday headline and commentary roundup, while I'll be watching closely tomorrow, I'm not holding my breath for a big Paul win. We'll see if Alaska comes through for us.

Video: Ron Paul's Full Washington State Post Caucus Speech 3/3/12

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