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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ron Paul supporters dominate GOP caucuses in St. Louis, Jackson County

The Ron Paul liberty activists are giving all they've got in the fight for delegates and it's paying off.
Ron Paul's chances of winning the White House may be minimal, but his supporters dominated the Republican caucuses in St. Louis and Jackson County on Saturday. Paul's backers won all 36 delegates here while taking about two-thirds of delegates in Jackson County. The St. Louis caucus was relatively orderly and took fewer than two hours in the cafeteria at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park. It bore little resemblance to the rancorous gathering in St. Charles on March 17 that was ultimately shut down after an energetic crowd objected to rules and an attempted ban on videotaping. Police also arrested two Paul supporters during that caucus. The purpose of today's non-binding caucuses was to choose representatives to a round of Congressional district meetings in April and June that will repeat the process to send 52 delegates from Missouri to the August convention in Tampa, Fla. Paul's supporters cast a majority vote with 158 ballots. The Santorum slate had 74 votes, while Romney's backers mustered 50 votes.
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