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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ron Paul to Speak at Maine GOP Convention

As the primary/caucus straw polls continue through June, the real battle is now being fought for delegates.
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is scheduled as a keynote speaker at the Maine Republican Party convention in May, sparking questions of favoritism in a caucus process that has already seen its share of controversy. The virtual photo-finish between Paul and Mitt Romney in the state GOP straw poll means Maine’s delegates, awarded at the convention, are up for grabs, and the potential advantage derived from Paul’s speaking spot has been noted by the Romney campaign. According to sources, Ron Paul will be the featured speaker on Saturday, May 5, at the Augusta Civic Center. The state GOP convention is a two-day affair, May 5 and 6, and will be the final accounting of an unusually contentious presidential campaign in Maine. Though Romney narrowly won the unofficial straw poll earlier this year, Maine’s delegates have not been apportioned yet, and this means votes can still be swayed.
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