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Friday, March 23, 2012

Setting the Stage for the Tulsa County Republican Convention

Oklahoma gears up for more Republican mayhem at the county convention level. War has been declared on the Paulites who are accused of attempts to steal delegates from Santorum, Gingrich and Romney. a delegate to the Tulsa County Republican Convention, you need to know that the local Ron Paul supporters are preparing for battle during the County, District and State Conventions. The end result, they hope, is to seize as many delegates as possible, which were legitimately won by the other three campaigns on Super Tuesday. If activists like you don’t act to stop them, Ron Paul may win as many as 25 of Oklahoma’s 43 delegates to the Republican National Convention, despite the intentions of more than 90% of Oklahoma’s primary voters. Ron Paul’s activists don’t care if they steal from Gingrich, Santorum or Romney. They just want our delegates! Among their plans, as we understand them, is to stack the County Convention’s delegation with individuals who did not attend their precinct meetings due to their various contrived reasons (chairman didn’t show up, chairman didn’t speak English, etc.). If there are more Paul supporters who show up at the convention on March 24th, at 8 AM, at the Union High School Performing Arts Center, then they can vote to change the rules of the convention, and allow in enough voters to then control the District 1 Convention, to be held on April 14th, at the Renaissance Hotel at 6808 S 107th East Ave, in Tulsa. If they win at the District Convention, then they will steal the three delegate slots set aside for Gingrich, Romney and Santorum (one each). If they win statewide, they could take most of the 25 delegate slots that are selected at the State Convention, which will be held in Norman on May 12th. What can you do to stop them? Show up Saturday and stay all afternoon until the gavel falls, ending the convention.
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