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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Seven Rules of Bureaucracy

A Mises prospective on how government grows its bureaucracy. It's brilliant.
Gone are the days when both the people and their government lived within their means. With 44 percent of households receiving some form of federal subsidy and the majority of Americans not paying any taxes, our country is now more the land of entitlements than the land of opportunity...Rule #1: Maintain the problem at all costs! The problem is the basis of power, perks, privileges, and security.Rule #2: Use crisis and perceived crisis to increase your power and control. Rule #3: If there are not enough crises, manufacture them, even from nature, where none exist. Rule #4: Control the flow and release of information while feigning openness. Rule #5: Maximize public-relations exposure by creating a cover story that appeals to the universal need to help people. Rule #6: Create vested support groups by distributing concentrated benefits and/or entitlements to these special interests, while distributing the costs broadly to one's political opponents. Rule #7: Demonize the truth tellers who have the temerity to say, "The emperor has no clothes."
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Ludwig von Mises Institute 

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