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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Should Christians Support the War on Drugs?

Theologian Laurance Vance says absolutely not. Contrary to the cheap talking points presented by GOP apologists, not advocating for immoral and economically ignorant policies against drugs doesn't mean you condone the use of them.

Pat Robertson is exactly correct on the subject of marijuana possession. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he favors the legalization of other drugs or even the fully legalized cultivation, sale, and distribution of marijuana, but it does raise the important question of whether Christians should support the war on drugs.

Although I am a theological and cultural conservative, and neither advocate nor condone the use of mind-altering, behavior-altering, or mood-altering substances, I believe that Christians shouldn’t support the government’s war on drugs any more than they should support the government’s wars on poverty, obesity, dietary fat, cholesterol, cancer, and tobacco.

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Drew Martin,
Blogger, THL

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