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Friday, March 16, 2012


Most of Ron Paul's supporters are so disgusted with the GOP that they just want him to leave the Republican Party and run 3rd party. While Ron Paul has been there and done that (he was the LP candidate in 1988), I can't see him doing it because his legacy is his son Rand and Ron Paul won't do anything to tarnish Rand's GOP credentials. Ron Paul is enjoying leading a revolution for peace, liberty and prosperity - it's something that's far more important to him than being president. The chatter about what Ron Paul should do next is intense.
I just read an interesting article about whether or not Ron Paul should pursue the Presidency outside of the Republican Party. This is something that I’ve touched on before...Frankly, the Republican Party is an immoral joke. It has been overrun by warmongering, belligerent corporate tools who would run this country into the ground if they could gain more power and wealth – and that’s just what they and the Democrats are doing. The Party is not currently worthy of a candidate like Ron Paul. I disagree with the author’s assertion that not winning the nomination would mean the collapse of the Paul movement.
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