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Monday, March 26, 2012

State, lawmakers pan park’s no-fish zone

Fedzilla is now attempting to ban fishing in some parts of Florida. This is something right out of the Agenda 21 Playbook - get all land and bodies of water under the control of a centralized government and ban humans from using its resources which is accomplished by creating "no take" or "no fishing" zones.
Biscayne National Park’s proposal to ban fishing on 10,000 acres of reefs off Miami draws a legal objection from state wildlife managers and triggers calls for a congressional hearing. Biscayne National Park managers have cast their plan to put 16 square miles of heavily used and abused reefs off-limits to anglers as the best way to ensure visitors actually get to see big fish and healthy corals in the future. Some politically powerful opponents aren’t biting. Three Miami members of Congress — Reps. Ilena Ros-Lehtinen, David Rivera and Mario Diaz-Balart — are calling for a hearing on the controversial proposal. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission also objects, arguing only the state can set fishing regulations. The proposed marine reserve, better known as a "no-take" or "no-fishing" zone, goes against the FWC’s “primary mission and goal,’’ said spokeswoman Amanda Nalley, which is to “not only regulate how fisheries are managed but to provide as many fishing opportunities as possible.’’
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