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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Stunning JFK Airport Baggage Scandal; 200 Thefts Per Day

Beware the airport, dubbed flea markets for stolen goods. All the high tech police state security in American and law enforcement can't stop airport employee theft.
Think twice before you check your luggage at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Cash, jewelry, electronics and other valuables are being stolen from passengers’ baggage at a staggering rate. It’s happening as a result of inside jobs that aren’t being stopped, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reports exclusively. All Rita Lamberg has left is an empty jewelry drawer and pictures of the $160,000 worth of watches, rings and necklaces that were stolen from her baggage at JFK Airport. “I am so sick. This is a lifetime, a lifetime of my savings,” Lamberg said. But Lamberg isn’t alone. Law enforcement sources told Kramer that thefts at the airport have increased at a staggering and alarming rate. There are now more that 200 a day — and that’s every day. Baggage handlers, jetway workers and even security people are all in on the ongoing scam to steal you blind. “The belly of the airplane has become like a flea market for airport employees. They go in there and go through all the luggage unencumbered, unchecked,” JFK security lawyer Kenneth Mollins said.
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