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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

‘They beat us until they got tired…’

Bahrain is a ruthlessly repressive regime and a notorious abuser of human rights. Yet, the U.S. government continues to partner with Bahrain, do business with Bahrain and bless off on Bahrain's long history of repression and violence.  The US itself has a long history of propping up, funding and arming dictators everywhere.
Brian Dooley, of Human Rights First, on Bahrain: They said they had been severely beaten by the police in the previous two days. “They beat us until they got tired, then other policemen would take over and beat us more,” said one boy. Such beatings have become standard procedure in Bahrain. With high corruption and no functioning legal system to write home about, victims of abuse like this have no recourse. Reuters reports today that a teenage boy was abducted by “plainclothes detectives” who “dragged him into a garage and beat him into unconsciousness after he refused to spy” on other youth protesters. The boy came out and told his story, and the government simply denied it. Overall repression remains high and widespread. No substantive move toward reform as occurred and the tyrannical government continues to receive Washington’s support.
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