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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Three Political Parties of America

Excellent analysis of the American political system by Huffington Post's Robin Koerner (a Ron Paul supporter) who categorizes U.S. politics into the Republicrats (Romney/Obama), the Sacred Religionists (Santorum) and the Freedom and Peace Party (Ron Paul).
There are three political parties in the United States today...The parties are the Republicrats, the Scared Religionists, and the Freedom and Peace Party. By far the largest party is the Republicrats... they have adopted a clever means of ensuring that they hold power perpetually: they split themselves into two wings called "Democrat" and "Republican." This rather clever setup allows them to compete with each other in the formal competitions of American democracy by emphasizing different pieces of the platform, while ensuring that one of the wings will always hold sway, allowing them to implement their shared social democratic platform. And what is this platform? It is a corporate socialist one. They stand for enlarging government, the replacement of individual civil rights with centralized programs, the redistribution of wealth from working individuals to the non-working but mostly corporate and special interests (their main sponsors) and a military presence throughout most of the world.,,The other two parties are smaller. They each have one candidate in the race for president. There is the Scared Religionist party, represented by Rick Santorum, and the Freedom and Peace party, represented by Ron Paul. If you were to put the three parties simplistically on a one-dimensional spectrum -- a single line -- the Scared Religionists would be at the authoritarian end, and the Freedom and Peace party would be at the opposite, libertarian end. Between them, but closer to the Scared Religionists, would be the aforementioned Republicrats.
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