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Thursday, March 15, 2012

TSA Work Force Now at 64,000, 42 Percent More Than Congress Wanted

TSA is growing like a deadly liberty slashing virus.
In little more than a year, the Transportation Security Administration has grown from 13 employees to 64,000, 42 percent more than Congress wanted. TSA chief James Loy said Monday that 23,000 of those new federal workers are airport baggage screeners hired to monitor checked bags for explosives. Another 33,000 are airport passenger screeners — the people who check travelers before they get to the gate. The remaining 8,000 workers hold various positions, from airport security directors and deputies to administrative assistants. Congress created the TSA following the Sept. 11 attacks and imposed a 45,000-employee cap, but the agency got around it by giving some employees five-year, “temporary full-time” contracts.
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