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Monday, March 19, 2012

Unjust Wars, Then and Now

The Federal Reserve has given us endless wars and a vastly devalued dollar. The endless wars have given us mountains of debt and the destruction of civil liberties. Yet, the military industrial security complex continues to rule America. Our arsenal of nuclear bombs is by far the biggest on the planet. Iran has no nuclear weapons yet we want to bomb/nuke Iran.
According to the Federation of American Scientists, nine countries account for the approximately 20,500 nuclear weapons known to exist, with the United States having 8,500 of these. Iran has none. Between 150–200 B61 nuclear bombs, the primary thermonuclear weapon in the United States, are deployed in Europe at six bases in five countries, one of which is Turkey, a border state of Iran. By contrast, Iran has no known military bases in Canada or Mexico, nor has it imposed sanctions against the United States, as the United States and other countries have done to Iran. Yet, Iran is considered a threat to peace and stability because the International Atomic Energy Agency issued a report last November saying it very definitely might or might not be building a nuclear device. If the United States ends up at war with Iran, there arises the question of what it will cost and how to pay for it. Using recent history as a guide, the total financial cost of the Iraq invasion, including veterans' support, is expected to reach $4 trillion. Yet in 2002, Bush economic advisor Lawrence Lindsey was fired for saying the Iraq war could cost as much as $200 billion, which was 3–4 times the Department of Defense estimate.
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